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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Published Journal Articles & Book Chapters

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Grant Funding

1997-1998       Dudley Allen Sargent Alumni Association Research Fund, "Upstream regulators of the c-Jun kinase signaling pathway in skeletal muscle", PI Marni Boppart.

1998-1999       American College of Sports Medicine Graduate Student Foundation Grant, "Molecular regulators of JNK signaling in skeletal muscle", PI Marni Boppart.

2006-2009       Illinois Regenerative Medicine Institute, "Therapeutic implementation of mesoangioblast stem cells in muscular dystrophy", co-PI’s Marni Boppart and Suzanne Berry.

2008                Beckman Foundation, “Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS System for high resolution multicolor fluorescent imaging”, PI Marni Boppart.

2009-2010       Mary Neer Jane Fund, “Utilization of a novel multipotent stem cell as therapy in the alleviation of muscular dystrophy”, PI Marni Boppart.    

2009-2010       Arnold O. Beckman Award (UIUC Campus Research Board), “Utilization of a novel multipotent stem cell as therapy in the alleviation of sarcopenia”, PI Marni Boppart.

2009-2011       National Science Foundation, “3-D optical tracking of bone marrow derived skin stem cells”, PI Stephen Boppart, co-PI Marni Boppart.

2009-2013       Ellison Medical Foundation, “Utilization of a7 integrin-derived stem cells as therapy for the alleviation of sarcopenia, PI Marni Boppart, co-PIs Stephen Boppart and Bradford Schwartz.

2009                National Science Foundation (Major Instrumentation Grant), “Acquisition of a molecular imaging instrument for dynamic material and biological systems (PET), PI Stephen Boppart (4 co-PIs + 49 users).

2009                National Institutes of Health (S10 – Shared Instrumentation Grant), “High-resolution in vivo ultrasound imaging using VisualSonics VEVO2100 system, PI William O’Brien (9 major + 5 minor users; M Boppart major user).

2010                National Science Foundation (IGERT), “Cellular & Molecular Mechanics and Bio-Nanotechnology (CMMB)”, Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) to support graduate students in the study of cellular mechanotransduction in collaboration with the University of Illinois Center for Cellular Biomechanics (23 UIUC professors).

2010-2013       National Science Foundation, “Advanced optical imaging of 3-D cell dynamics in engineered skin”, PI Stephen Boppart, co-PIs Marni Boppart, Hyun Joon Kong, and Mark Shannon.

2011-2013       National Science Foundation IGERT-CMMB Graduate Student Fellowship (to Heather Huntsman), “Alleviation of sarcopenia using mechanical strain-induced myogenic stem cells”, PI Marni Boppart, co-PIs Hyun Joon Kong, Stephen Boppart, Matthew Wheeler, Derek Milner.

2011                Center on Health, Aging, and Disability (CHAD), “The impact of hypercholesterolemia and physical activity on statin-associated skeletal muscle myopathy”, PI Marni Boppart, co-PIs Wilund K and Sivaguru M. 

2012-2015       Center for Nutrition, Learning and Memory/Abbott Laboratories, "Nutritional Enhancement of Cognition through Stem Cells", PI Marni Boppart, co-PI Justin Rhodes.

2012-2013       American College of Sports Medicine Foundation Grant, "Use of laminin-111 to increase skeletal muscle hypertrophy", PI Kai Zou, Faculty Mentor Marni Boppart.

2013-2015       National Institutes of Health R21, “Patterning instructive biomolecular cues into collagen scaffolds for tendon insertion regeneration”, PI Brendan Harley, co-PI Marni Boppart.

2013-2014       Diabetic Complications Consortium Pilot and Feasibility Program, “Molecular imaging of stem cell induced reversal of vascular complications in DM”, PI Wawrzyniec Dobrucki, co-PIs Marni Boppart and Andrew Smith.

2014-2015       American College of Sports Medicine Foundation Grant, “Adipose resident pericyte response to high fat diet and exercise”, PI Yair Pincu, Faculty Mentor Marni Boppart.

2014-2016       National Institutes of Health R21, “Alpha7 integrin-mediated hypertrophic signaling and growth in skeletal muscle”, PI Marni Boppart.

2014-2015       Carver Biotechnology Center Fluidigm C1 Single Cell Genomics Grant Promotion, “Characterization of two types of pericytes in adipose tissue using multicolor flow cytometry and single cell gene expression approaches”, PI Yair Pincu, Faculty Mentor Marni Boppart.

2014                UIUC OVCR Equipment Grant, “In vivo 3-D optical and x-ray CT imaging system”, PI Stephen Boppart, multiple users listed.

2014                UIUC OVCR Equipment Grant, “All-in-one plate reader/imager for high throughput screening”, PI Zeynep Madak-Ergogan, multiple users listed.

2015                Mayo Clinic Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), PI Kelly Twohig, Faculty Mentor Marni Boppart.

2015-2020       National Institutes of Health K23, “Translational study of vocal exercise dose response”, PI Aaron Johnson, Faulty Mentors Marni Boppart and Eddie McAuley.

2015-2017       National Institutes of Health R21, “Development of a liposomal nanostimulator to improve stem cell-based revascularization therapies”, co-I’s Hyunjoon Kong and Marni Boppart.

2016-2018       Arnold O. Beckman Award (UIUC Campus Research Board), “Development of a stem cell-based therapy to improve recovery following immobilization”, PI Marni Boppart.

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